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This is where you can create, modify and delete Timeless Time & Expense users.  All users are shown, both active and inactive.  You can access this page using the Tools | Users menu item.


User List

List of all users.


Registered Users

The count of registered users.  This number is the total is based on the registrations numbers entered on the Registrations screen.  If this count is not what you expect, a registration number may have been entered incorrectly.


Active Users

The count of active users.  Except during the trial period, active users must be less than or equal to registered users.


< Add User >

Select to add a new User.



The full name of the user.  This the name that shows on reports.


User Name

The name used by the user to log into Timeless Time & Expense.



The user's password.



Confirmation of the password


Active User

Check to set this user as active.  The total of active user's must be less than or equal to the registered users



The user's permissions in Timeless Time & Expense.

Administrator -maintain Users and Task Levels, and run database maintenance operations.

Run Multiuser Reports - create and run reports with multiple users.

Maintain Tasks - Create, modify and edit tasks.

Maintain Activities - maintain activities used on time entries.

Maintain Expense Types - maintain expense types used on expense entries

Maintain Payment Methods - maintain payment methods used on expense entries.

Maintain Contacts - maintain contact information

Maintain Billing Information - maintain task billing information

View Billing Information - view billing information including on reports

Create Shared Reports - create reports that can be used by everyone



Press to save the changes to the User.



Press to cancel the changes made to an User.



Press to delete the selected User.