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Task may be assigned to different users.  When making an assignment, an assignment to do entry is created for the user.  This creates an assignment to do entry and the time estimates are used in the progress report.  To add assignments, select a task item and select the Edit | Assignments menu item or press the Assign work item toolbar button.


Assignment List

List of all assignments made for this task item.


< Add Assignment >

Select to add a new Assignment.



The user this assignment is for.


Hours Estimate

Enter the expected time to be incurred for this user on the task.


Cost Estimate

Enter the expected cost to be incurred for this user on the task.



Select the priority for this task.


Due Date

Enter the date the task should be finished.



Enter the to do entry note with details of the assignment.



Press to save the changes to the Assignment.



Press to cancel the changes made to an Assignment.



Press to delete the selected Assignment.