Creating Reports
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After entering time and expenses, it is important to be able to display the right amount of information. With Timeless Time & Expense, a variety of filters are used to display just the level of detail needed.

A basic report wizard is used to create a report quickly and easily. The options presented vary by the report type selected.

Each Friday, J. Doe needs to submit a weekly time report summarized by day and project.

To create this report, select New Report from the Insert menu. The report wizard will start guiding you through the process.

1.Select Time Summary as the type of report. Press Next.  
2.Select Current Week as the time frame of the report. Press Next.  
3.Select J. Doe as the task to summarize. Press Next.  
4.Select All Activities. Press Next.  
5.Select Project as the Task Level to summarize by. Select Day as the Time Frame to summarize by. Check Show Totals to add a total column and row to the report. Press Next.  
6.Check the Task ID and Billing Rate boxes to display them on the report. Press Next.  
7.Enter the Title 'Weekly Project Summary'. Press Finish to view the report.  

For more report examples, view the sample file.