Timeless Time & Expense
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The time and expense tracking software that doesn't take all your time.

·Would you like to make better and more accurate decisions about your time management?  
·Do you want to consistently be within your projected timeframe and budget when you give estimates?  
·Are you 100% confident you're getting paid for all the work you do? Or is it possible you're missing out on revenue opportunities because you don't have accurate time tracking?  

Whether you are tracking for time and billing or for project management, accurate time tracking is important. There is a cost to pay for inaccurate time tracking. It might be a loss of billing income. It might be in lost opportunity due to underutilized resources. It may even be in lost credibility. You don't want to pay for any of those, especially if it's because you didn't have accurate time tracking software. Use Timeless Time & Expense and make sure this doesn't happen. Timeless Time & Expense gives you accurate information.

But to get accurate information, your time tracking software has to be easy to setup and easy for those doing the tracking. It has to be just as easy to track in detail as it is at a high level. If it isn't, you won't get accurate information. Even if your software is easy to use, you won't get accurate information by filling out your timesheet at the end of the period. You need to be able to record your time as you work with as little interruption as possible.

Timeless Time & Expense does all this, and it's easy because it works the way you do. It's easy to set up. It tracks your time just as easily at a detailed level as at a general level. It is also the time tracker that allows you to track your time without interruptions!

Time and Billing
Timeless Time & Expense has the ability to bill at a variety of rates ensuring, once again, that you capture accurate information. You can set billing rates at any level you choose, including client, project, task or any of your custom defined levels. Additionally, billing rates can be set for a specific employee, activity or combined with task levels. These features are easy to use but nearly invisible if you don't need them, so Timeless Time & Expense is the time tracking software that stays easy to use.

Project Management
The first step of any project plan is to estimate the work required. You will find information that is right for billing does not have the detail to accurately estimate future work. That's where the time tracker features of Timeless Time & Expense benefits you!

Timeless Time & Expense provides up to 20 custom defined levels so you can track time at the level of detail you need. Try that with other tools that give you the standard client and task levels. With Timeless Time & Expense's flexible reporting capability, you get the information needed to accurately estimate time and costs on future tasks in addition to accurate billing information. It's easy to summarize at any level to get the information you need when you need it.

Of course, project management starts with a good plan, but it doesn't end there. Projects are dynamic; they change over time. If you don't keep track of the project, it slowly gets out of date. Soon you don't know where the project stands. You may miss opportunities to expand the project or worse, the project is late and you didn't notice soon enough to do anything about it. With many levels of detail, Timeless Time & Expense can track your project at the same level of detail as your project plan. If you use MS Project, you can update the whole project plan at once easily from Timeless Time & Expense.