Adding Tasks
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The first step to accurately tracking time and expenses is creating a task hierarchy that reflects your real world situation.

J. Doe works for two different clients, First Northern Life Insurance and Third Rate Foods. For each client, J. is involved with multiple projects.

Timeless Time & Expense allows you to create tasks in two different ways. First let's create a task for First Northern Life Insurance. Highlight 'J.Doe' at the top of the task hierarchy. Next, Select New Client from the Insert menu. 'New Client' is added to under 'J.Doe' and is highlighted. Type 'First Northern Life' in its place.

Now to create a task for 'Third Rate Foods' in a different way. Click on 'J. Doe' with the Right mouse button. From the popup menu, select Add Client. Enter 'Third Rate Foods'.

Continue by adding the Project 'Competitive Price Lookup' under Third Rate Foods. Then add the Sub Project 'Web Pages' under Competitive Price Lookup.