Adding Users

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*Enterprise mode only


To allow others to use Timeless Project Tracking, you must first add users.  The default administrator user (TTEAdmin) is only used for setup, but cannot be used to track time or expenses


There are many different kinds of users with different needs and requirements.  Some users need to be able to run reports for other users, others should not be able to.  Some users need to be able to add work items, while others shouldn't.  These different requirements can be set when creating users.


Logon as the built-in administrator TTEAdmin or another user with Administrator permissions.


Because the default TTEAdmin user permissions are limited to adding users and basic maintenance and cannot add entries or create reports, you will want a user capable of doing more.  To create a user, select the Tools | Administration | Users menu item.  The Users dialog will open.  Select < Add User > at the top of the user list.


Enter the Name as you would like it to display in Timeless Project Tracking.  Enter the User Name this user will use to login.  Optionally, enter the email and password fields.


Switch to the Permissions tab to give this user specific permissions.


Note - Only Active users may log into Timeless Project Tracking and only Active users are required to have a license.  If an employee leaves your company, you can uncheck the Active field and use the license for a new user.  By setting the user inactive instead of deleting them, you keep all their entries and can still report on them.


Press Save when finished.



Registered Users is the total licenses entered in the licenses screen.  If this count is not what you expect, a  license number may have been entered incorrectly.


Active Users is the count of active users marked as active in Timeless Project Tracking.  Except during the trial period, active users must be less than or equal to registered users.