User Permissions

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The user permissions available in Timeless Project Tracking are:

Add Work Item Notes - the user can add and edit notes on work items.

Administrator - maintain Users and Task Levels, and run database maintenance operations.

Create Multiuser Reports - create and run reports with multiple users.

Maintain Activities - maintain activities used on time entries.

Maintain Billing Information - maintain task billing information

Maintain Contacts - maintain contact information

Maintain Expense Types - maintain expense types used on expense entries

Maintain Payment Methods - maintain payment methods used on expense entries.

Maintain Work Items - Create, modify and edit tasks.

Maintain Invoices - create invoices and apply payments

Share Reports - create reports that can be used by everyone

Update Assigned Cost Estimates - update cost estimates for user's assignments

Update Assigned Time Estimates - update time estimates for user's assignments

View Billing Information - view billing information including on reports

View Full Status - view all users status on dashboard and risks