Task Level Security

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Task level security is an advanced feature that is not required to use Timeless Time & Expense.  This feature may be enabled later and it is recommended you do not enable this feature until you've become familiar with all other aspects of Timeless Time & Expense.


Task level security allows you to specify which tasks individual users have access to.  The users will only be able to create entries for the task they have been given access to.  Users who have permission to Maintain Tasks, will only be able to modify the tasks they have access to.  If a user has been given access to a task item, they will also have access to child task items unless permission is revoked on those child task items.


To enable Task Level Security select Administration from the Tools menu.  On the Security section, select Enable Task Level Security.


Now users must be assigned to tasks.  By default the only users having access to a task will be the user who created each top level task.  You may have to log in as an administrator.  Highlight the Third Rate Foods task item and select Properties from the Edit menu.  Go to the Permissions tab.  For B. Lee and J. Doe change the permissions drop down to Allowed.


Note: For users to see the new tasks they have been assigned to, they will have to log out of Timeless Time & Expense or refresh their browser window.