Main Window

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This is the main application window of Timeless Time & Expense.  The main window is separated into 4 major areas. 


Task hierarchy - Displays all the task items created including icons indicating the user defined task level.  In Task View, selecting a task changes the items displayed in the list screen.


Calendar - Shows the current date selected and allows for selection of a different date.  In Date View, selecting a date changes the items displayed in the list screen.


List Screen - This list displays the time, expense and to do entries based on the View settings and selected date or task.  Selecting a tab changes the type of entries displayed.  The reports tab shows all reports regardless of date or task view.  The timesheet tab provides a place to view and edit a week of time.


Menu and Toolbar - The menus and toolbar are used to create, edit and control Timeless Time & Expense.