Time Entry Properties

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This is where the details of a Time Entry are entered.  Entries may be entered with start and end times, or elapsed time if allowed in time entry options.  The time entry properties are displayed when creating a new time entry or by highlighting an time entry in the time entry list and selecting Properties from the Edit menu.


Start Time

The time the task started


End Time

The time the task ended


Elapsed Time

The elapsed time for this entry.


To change the start time, end time or elapsed time, use the left and right arrow keys to position on Hours, Minutes or AM/PM.  Enter a value or use the up and down arrow keys or spin buttons to change the time.



Select the Activity for this entry.



Enter a note for this entry.


Use Billing Defaults

Check to use the billing default for this task.  If task uses activity rates, this entry will use the correct rate based on the activity selected.

Uncheck to enter rate information specific to this entry.



Check if this entry is Billable, uncheck if not billable.



Enter a rate for this entry.



Check if this entry is overtime.  Overtime multiplier will be used to calculate billing rate.



Enter the multiplier to use when calculating overtime rate.