General Administrative Options

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This page is where you configure a variety of options that control how Timeless Time & Expense works for all users.


Allow Elapsed Time Entry

If checked, a time entry may be added with only elapsed time.  If not checked, both start and end time must be entered.  This option must be checked if you want to enter time using the timesheet.


Allow Entries to Overlap

If checked, time entries may overlap.  If not checked, entries cannot overlap.


Round Start and End to Nearest

Select to round both start and end time to the nearest Round Interval when starting or stopping an entry.


Always Round Time Up

Select to round elapsed time up based on the Round Interval.


Lock Inactive Tasks

Select to prevent entries from being added to inactive tasks.


Default Mileage Rate

The default mileage rate used when entering a mileage expense.  You can override this on individual expense entries.