System Settings

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The systems setting are used to configure how Timeless Time and Expense operates.


General Tab


Allow Elapsed specifies if users may enter time in elapsed amount.  If elapsed entries are not allowed user must enter start and end times or use the timer to create new time entries.  Additionally, the timesheet can only be used to view weekly time if elapsed entries are not allowed.


Allow Overlap specifies if entries start and end times are allowed to overlap with other time entries.  If entries are not allowed to overlap you will be prompted when entries you enter overlap.


Round start and end time to nearest forces timer entries to round both the start and end times to the nearest minutes.  Minutes are specified by each user in their User Options.


Always round time up forces the timer entries to round the total elapsed time up to the minutes specified by each user in their User Options.


In personal mode your data file can be backed up automatically when closing Timeless Time and Expense or at a specific time.  If backing up at a specific time, your data file is only backed up when Timeless Time and Expense is active.



Invoice Options


Your Address is the default address on new invoices.  This can be changed on each invoice.


Default terms is the text included in the terms section of new invoices.  This can be changed on each invoice.


Default tax rate is the tax rate assigned to new invoices.  This can be changed on each invoice.


Next number is the number that will be used for the next invoice.  This is incremented an invoice is posted.





Enable Work Item Security

Work item security is an advanced feature that is not required to use Timeless Time and Expense.  This feature may be enabled later and it is recommended you do not enable this feature until you've become familiar with all other aspects of Timeless Time and Expense.


Work item security allows you to specify which work items individual users have access to.  The users will only be able to create entries for the work items they have been given access to.  Users who have permission to Maintain Work Items, will only be able to modify the work items they have access to.  If a user has been given access to a work item, they will also have access to child work items unless permission is denied on those child work items.


To enable Work Item Security select Tools | Administration | System Settings menu item.  On the Security tab, select Enable Work Item Security.


Note: For users to see the new tasks they have been assigned to, they will have to refresh Timeless Time and Expense.