Set Billing Rates

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The billing tab or the plan pane is where billing rates are defined for work items.  Billing rates are used by all child work items unless rates are set for the child work items.


Billing Rate Sets are defined by date.  Any time entry for the work item within the date range will use the billing rate set.  Each billing rate set may be assigned a currency.  This currency will be used for whenever the rate set is used.  This includes time entries, expense entries and additional cost items.


Each billing rate has a Default User Rate.  The default user rate is used for time entries.  For this reason, you must edit the default user rate when you create a new rate set.  In addition to the user rate, you may optionally define different rates for specific activities.  The activity rate will be used for time entries who activity match the activity rate.


In Enterprise mode rates may be defined for specific users.  The allows you to bill different rates for different employees.


Additional Cost Items are fixed costs associated with a work item.  Fixed costs may be included on invoices.