Managing Invoices

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Invoices are created for work items and are used to bill clients and record payments.


Select a work item to manage the invoices for that work item.


Creating Invoices

Create a new invoice by pressing the New button below the invoice list.  Invoices can include billing, expenses and additional cost items.  Each may included on the invoice summarized or as details of each item.


When summarizing, each type of item is summarized by the same dates, but each may be summarized in different ways.  For example, billing may be summarized by project and expenses summarized by expense type.


Taxes may be applied to billing, expenses or additional costs.


Each invoice has its own sender, recipient, number, terms, font and logo choices.


Posting Invoices

Posting an invoice locks the time entries, expense entries and additional cost items used in the invoice.  After posting, payment may be recorded against the invoice.


Recording Payments

To add a payment press the New button below the payment list.