User Options

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There are a few user options that control the behavior of Timeless Time and Expense.



The number of work items on the and the order of the work items on the recent list can be changed here.


You may change the day of the week your work week starts on.  This will affect the timesheet, reports and calendars.


Time Entries

The elapsed time can be shown in time or decimal format.


The timer can be rounded to a number of minutes.


The time entry can be displayed when starting or stopping a timer for easy entry of additional information.


The timer can be automatically stopped at a specific time.


When creating new entries activity and note can be set to the value of the last time entry for the work item on the new time entry.




You can show or hide elements of the Timeless Time and Expense Web interface.  These elements enhance the user experience but increase the time taken to perform actions.  You may want to hide some items if you have a slow connection or are geographically far from the web server running Timeless Time and Expense.