Adding Work Items

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The first step to accurately tracking time and expenses is creating a work item hierarchy that reflects your real world situation.  To accomplish this, you must be logged in as a user who has the Maintain Work Item permission.


Timeless Time and Expense allows you to create work items in two ways.  Work items may be created individually or an entire branch may be created at once.


Adding one work item


Select New Client (or other work item type) from the Insert menu.  Timeless Time and Expense switches to the planning pane so you can enter the name of the new work item.  To create a new item at the top of the work item hierarchy, select a menu item from the Insert | New Top Work Item menu.



Adding multiple work items


To add more than one work item to the hierarchy at once, press the Enter Multiple Work Items toolbar button.  The Add multiple work items window opens and positions the cursor on the first item.


Enter the name of the first work item.  Press tab to move to the optional fields to create assignments and estimates.  When you tab past the last field, a new line will be added.


Work item types may be changed by pressing the indent and outdent toolbar buttons.  Work items may be moved up and down by using the up and down toolbar buttons.


If you would like to subtract the amounts of new estimates from the parent of the new work items, check the Subtract estimates from parent work items box.  This is useful when you are adding work items to refine a project plan where estimates have already been made.